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Back in the 90s, with my two younger sisters in front of our late grandfather’s study. Belonging to a teacher and a learned man (Cikgu Ahmad); naturally it was filled with all kinds of treasures (much to our amusement) and usually locked when he’s not around. We were lucky that day!

I am Aizuddin/Aijud/Jude, currently doing a DPhil in Education as a Clarendon scholar at the University of Oxford, where I also received an MSc in Education (Comparative and International Education). In addition to completing my DPhil, I am a Doctoral Teaching Fellow in the Department of Education at the university. I am also a 2021 FreshEd Fellow.

Before graduate studies at Oxford, I spent 4-years back home in Malaysia where I worked in the corporate philanthropy sector, focusing primarily on education. I had the eye-opening opportunity to visit many schools across the country, in the process learning more about the broad spectrum of what ‘education’ means in various societal contexts. The header image for this blog is a photo I took on one of such visits in Sabah, Malaysia.

Within the field of comparative and international education, my research interests are located in the broad intersection of culture and education. These include education and inter/national development, rural education, postcolonialism, informal education and the politics of knowledge production. I am part of the public scholarship project, CIE in Malaysia.

In my past itinerant life, I also studied at Teachers College, Columbia University and the University of New South Wales. I am more often a student than not, in both the literal and figurative sense.

This blog is an attempt to make sense of my learnings and collect my developing thoughts on education. I also tweet @aizuddin_anuar

From time to time, I also write creatively, mainly short stories in the genre of literary fiction. Currently, my writing deals with ideas of home, identity, memory and development. You can find my creative writing here.

Feel free to contact me via email: aizuddinanuar [at] gmail [dot] com

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